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Little Go Beep (2000)

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Baby Wile E. Coyote is told by his father, Cage E., that he's not to speak until he catches a roadrunner. Wile E. tries several products from Acme Jr., including a jack-in-the-box and a water-rocket-propelled bike. They maintain the fine tradition of Acme quality products.

Waiting for the Messiah (2000)

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In 1999, Argentina's peso craters. Ariel, a young man from Buenos Aires' Jewish community, deals with his mother's fatal illness, finds a job as a night shift surveillance camera monitor, ...

Franklin and the Green Knight: The Movie (2000)

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It's winter in Woodland and Franklin is excited about spring coming because his new baby sister will be born. Following the lead of a myth his mom told him, he assumes the role of a Knight and sets out to the woods on a quest for spring.

The Only Thrill (2000)

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Reece McHenry is a used-clothing store owner and Carol Fitzsimmons is a seamstress working in that store. The film follows the story of their relationships from 1960s till present time (as well as the story of relationships between Reece's son Tom and Carol's daughter Katherine).

Adventures in Odyssey: The Last Days of Eugene Meltsner (2000)

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Through Whit's new invention, the Micro-stimulator, Eugene takes a fantastic voyage through his own circulatory system and makes an alarming discovery. Forced to reevaluate how he'll spend the remaining days of his life, he sets in motion a chain of action-packed events. Don't miss this supercharged show with a powerful lesson about trusting God and living each day as if it were your last.

Totally Nude Aerobics (2000)

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The Wyvern Mystery (2000)

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After precipitating the death of a tenant with whom he has been feuding, Squire Fairfield brings the dead man's young daughter to live in Wyvern Manor. Alice grows up thinking the squire is her kind benefactor, and falls in love with one of his two sons. When the squire makes his romantic intentions known to Alice, she and Charles elope, incurring the wrath of his father. They avoid the squire by living in an outlying estate where their baby is born. Charles is attacked by a mysterious woman who literally comes out of the woodwork, and the baby is moved to the home of an acquaintance of Harry, the squire's other son. Alice faces the loss of her child and possible loss of her husband amid the gloomy home she feels trapped in, surrounded by secrets and mysteries and wondering who she can really trust.

Benjamin Smoke (2000)

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Octopus (2000)

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During the Cuban Missle Crisis, a Russian sub is sunk while en route to Havana. As the sub goes down, the hold is breached and barrels full of some mysterious substance tumble out. Years later, an American nuclear submarine is transporting a captured terrorist to the States. The terrorist's henchmen, however, are planning to hijack the sub and rescue their leader. Meanwhile, a large, unidentified creature is approaching the sub at high speed...

One Piece TV Special: Adventure in the Ocean’s Navel (2000)

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It was another peaceful day on board the Going Merry. Nami yelled at Luffy for whizzing in the ocean. As it'll just contaminate the fish that are swimming. Luffy was on fishing duty, but he was using sponges for bait, which he sees them to look like hamburgers. Nami couldn't believe how naive Luffy is, until he caught something big, that it dragged the ship backwards instead of forwards. The fishing line ended up at a rocky crater with a chest being chained to it. Luffy was disappointed that it wasn't something to eat. But Nami was more interested in finding out what's inside the chest. She opened it only to find just a skull inside. Usopp read the back of the skull, which engraves about a treasure that can make anyone's dream come true. It lies deep in the ocean's naval. Then a large hole began to form near the crater they crashed into. So Usopp, Nami, and Sanji prepared themselves in a diving barrel to explore the cavity in the sea. Luffy was put in charge of the rope crank. It was a smooth ride, for the trio in the barrel. Right until Luffy got side tracked and found a flying message in the bottle. Which he became disappointed that it wasn't a drink. Then the diving barrel began to fall faster into the naval. Usopp used the hose communicator to warn Luffy, that their in danger. Luffy managed to get hold of the rope. And the barrel barely crashed into the surface of the naval. Usopp, Nami, and Sanji find themselves in a ship graveyard. And were greeted by a laughing bat who says he'll guide them to the treasure. The treasure that Captain Joke tried to steal one decade ago. And they must defeat the 4 large aquatic monsters that were awaken when Joke tried to steal it for himself. Will Luffy and Zoro make it in time to aid their friends? Will they be able to defeat the mammoth monsters? And who is the bat who is driving everyone batty with his laugh?

Flickering Lights (2000)

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Four small gangsters from Copenhagen trick a gangster boss: they take over 4,000,000 kroner which they were supposed to bring him. Trying to escape to Barcelona they are forced to stop in the countryside, in an old, wrecked house, hiding there for several weeks. Slowly, one after another, they realize, that they would like to stay there, starting a new life, renovating the house and forming it into a restaurant. But they can't avoid being caught up by their past.

That Moment: Magnolia Diary (2000)

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A very in-depth documentary that follows the very over-worked director Paul Thomas Anderson through a gruelling 80+ days of shooting for the film Magnolia (1999). Very funny behind the scenes material and interviews, press junket video and various screenings and meetings are presented to us, just to let us know how hard it really is to make a 188-minute film.

The Darkling (2000)

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When mechanic Jeff Obold meets the wealthy and mysterious Bruno Rubin, he is exposed for the first time to the finer things in life. But Jeff soon discovers the source of Rubin's power: a caged creature called a "Darkling," which possesses the power to create incredible wealth for the person who will pledge unending "companionship." Now, as Jeff sinks further and further into the blackness of a soul sold to the devil, he will discover there is a high price to pay for the fulfillment of his dreams. The cast of this USA Network Original Movie includes Oscar-winner F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus, Star Trek: Insurrection) and sultry Nina Siemaszko (Wild Orchid II: Two Shades of Blue).

Sole Survivor (2000)

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Dean Koontz's best-selling novel is brought to TV in this 4 hour mini-series. After the death of his wife and daughter in a plane crash, a newspaper reporter discovers that the crash may have been related to a nefarious scientific experiment involving children. A woman, who claims she was a survivor of the crash, approaches at his wife's grave. This leads into a plot by the Quartermass organization to capture her and a young girl she is protecting - the girl has the powers to heal and to transport. A villainous killer and a young boy who can control minds from a distance lead the attack.

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (2000)

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Dustin Yarma is a Los Angeles film executive whom awakens on a beach after a night of drunken debauchery to a dead body of a young woman he was with the night before. Minnow, a beach bum/derelict, approaches Dustin and offers to dispose of the body only if Dustin will finally support him. With little choice and knowing his life will be damaged in a public Hollywood scandal, Dustin accepts Minnow's offer. Soon, Minnow has moved into Dustin's posh house, and socialized with more of Dustin's friends, including his girlfriend Darcy.

The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus (2000)

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A human orphan raised the Faire Folke becomes the benefactor of all human children.

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