1974 Movies

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Lovin’ Molly (1974)

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Spanning nearly 40 years from 1925 to 1964, two Texas farm boys; straight-arrow Gid and laid-back Johnny fight over the affections of the beautiful and headstrong Molly Taylor, who consistently refuses to marry either of them.

The Demoniacs (1974)

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A gang of pirates rape the two sole survivors of a ship wreck. The violated girls are rescued by the strange inhabitants of a supposedly haunted island, where they are granted supernatural powers to strike revenge against the pirates.

Moses the Lawgiver (1974)

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Dave Allen in Search of the Great English Eccentric (1974)

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Dave Allen meets a man named Alexander Stuart Wortley who lives in a railway box in a suburban garden; a former robot-maker for TV who is married to Jill but pretends to fly Lancaster bombers; Red Indian admirer Edward H. Blackmore who with his wife was adopted by the Sioux; Snowy Farr who rides a very tall bicycle containing a circus menagerie; a Cowboy Preacher; Ivor Cutler the humorist poet; and a model railway enthusiast whose name sounds like Morton with a set-up which runs to a full 1938 St Pancras timetable.

Le mouton enragé (1974)

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A cynical tragicomedy focusing on the different ways of love in the times of the sexual revolution. Nicholas Mallet, an inconspicuous and shy bank employee, one day successfully invites Marie-Paul, a young woman he hadn't known before, in the streets of Paris to a café and sleeps with her the next day. When he tells his surprised friend Claude about the incident, the disillusioned and handicapped writer develops a plan to control and manipulate Nicholas' life. First of all, he procures him to Roberte, a professor of philosophy's frustrated and bored wife...

Sandakan 8 (1974)

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A journalist interviews an old woman who was forced into prostitution, just like many other Japanese women working in Asia outside of Japan during the first half of the 20th century. She worked in a Malaysian brothel called Sandakan 8.

Bibi (1974)

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Sixteen year old Bibi comes to her aunt Toni's boarding house where she is seduced by lesbian women.

Sängkamrater (1974)

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A philandering cab driver decides to help his girlfriend's attractive sister, who is in trouble with drug dealers.

Terror! Il castello delle donne maledette (1974)

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Brazzi plays mad Dr. Frankenstein, Dunn is an evil dwarf and Lugosi (no relation to Bela) is a Neanderthal man. Add a monster named Hulk, and some nude women for sexploitation value.

The Turn of the Screw (1974)

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An English governess is hired to take care of two adorable orphans, who turn out to be not exactly what they seem to be.

Hit Lady (1974)

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At a Texas barbecue, a pretty woman chats up a wealthy rancher, and soon they're off on a horseback ride. Before she shoots him on an isolated road, she gives him a minute to reflect on who he might have offended on his rise to the top. She's Angela de Vries, a contract killer based in L.A. She wants this to have been her last job; her contractor wants one more death, a national union leader, made to look like an accident. She starts her homework on this mark. Meanwhile, in her private life, she's in love with a budding photographer. Is there any way that she can get out of the game and have a full love life?

The Missiles of October (1974)

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Based in part on Robert F. Kennedy's book, "Thirteen Days," this film profiles the Kennedy Administration's actions during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Return of the Dragon (1974)

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Tang Lung arrives in Rome to help save the family restaurant from a group of thugs who want the property for themselves.

Chaku Master (1974)

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Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1974)

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Emmi, a German woman in her mid-sixties, falls in love with Ali, a Moroccan immigrant worker around twenty-five years younger. When they abruptly decide to marry, everyone around them seems appalled. When the folks calm down a bit, Emmi and Ali's relationship grows uncertain.

Vengeance of the Crying Woman (1974)

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Santo, a hero wrestler, helps a professor and his beautiful niece find a clue to a treasure that will be used to help local children. The clue is a medallion worn by a mummy in a cave, known as "The Crying Woman". The mummy soon comes to life and terrorizes the locals to get her medallion back. Meanwhile, Santo has to fight off a gangster and his band of thugs. *

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