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The Rowdyman (1972)

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Will Cole is a charismatic 35 year old paper mill laborer who seems to celebrate a life of bad choices. He lives and behaves as if he was still 18, womanizing and drinking and rejecting responsibility because he sees no reason to take life seriously. Surprisingly enough, despite his devil-may-care attitude, he has several important people in his life. He maintains a special relationship with Stan, an old mentor who lives in a nursing home, and Ruth, the only woman he truly cares about. Andrew is his best friend but grows tired of Will's antics, and he is soon to be married and moving on. Will constantly has something up his sleeve but his pranks inevitably bring pain and tragedy to those closest to him, forcing him to reevaluate his life and make some difficult decisions.

The Carey Treatment (1972)

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Dr. Peter Carey is a pathologist at a Boston hospital. The daughter of the hospital's Chief of Staff dies after an illegal abortion goes wrong, and Carey's friend and colleague Dr. David Tao is accused of performing the abortion. Carey doesn't buy it, and so he digs deeper, angering the girl's father in the process. Questions abound: Who performed the abortion? Was the girl really pregnant? And what does it have to do with stolen morphine, blackmail attempts, and a mysterious and dangerous masseur?

Liza with a Z (1972)

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Liza Minnelli stars in a television concert directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse. She performs such songs as the title number, "Liza with a 'Z'" and "Son of a Preacher Man". The concert concludes with a medley of songs from the film Cabaret (1972).

The Bounty Man (1972)

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Two rival bounty hunters are after the same killer, but find they have to join together to fight off his gang.

Cancel My Reservation (1972)

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Bob Hope is a stressed out talk show host who is sent on a vacation to Arizona on doctor's orders and has to play Sherlock Holmes with his wife, the lovely Eva Marie Saint, to solve a series of murders that has Bob as the prime suspect.

Flowers of Darkness (1972)

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In the harsh realities of life on earth, Mother Nature has provided some plants that some use to subdue those harsh realities. One of those plants, which grows wild in most hot temperature countries, is the opium poppy. The use of opium dates as far back as 4,000 B.C. in the Mediterranean region. Cultivation of the plant and its use to produce opium quickly spread south and east, with its use in more recent times being associated with China. Despite the devastating effects of opium, it has been a romanticized substance in much of literature. In the 19th century, German scientists refined the substance into heroin, which is injected directly into the blood stream to the central nervous system for the immediate "hit". Heroin itself is not only lethal in high doses, but is also addictive. Criminal elements, especially French Corsicans, are now dealing illicitly in the substance. Most heroin in its raw form enters the US through the port of New York with a secondary entry point being the Mexican border. Customs agents try to stop its entry, however most of the product does end up making it through their security. The heroin's strength is cut to 5% with the addition of milk sugar, this strength appropriate for the retail market. Most heroin in the US is dealt and consumed in urban ghettos. Some discuss why they started using heroin and the negative effect that it has ultimately had on their lives. There is a shift in seeing some addicts as victims rather than criminals, they who need support to get themselves off the substance use and abuse.

The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here! (1972)

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The Mooneys are an eccentric English family whom live in a large house in rural England in the early 1900s. The invalid patriarch 'Pa' Mooney (Douglas Phair) is a retired medical doctor who claims to be 199 years old. His eldest daughter, Phoebe (Joan Ogden), more or less cares for him and is head of running the household. His eldest son, Mortimer (Noel Collins), is a businessman whom conducts the finances of the family and contributes to the family income. Younger daughter Monica (Hope Stansbury) is a sadist who keeps live rats as pets and frequently mutilates them and other small animals. Youngest son Malcolm (Berwick Kaler) is a half-wit with animal tendencies in which the family keeps him locked up in a room of the house with live chickens. The family has a secret: they are all werewolves! They are natural born, not made, werewolves whom turn once a month on the night of the full moon and Pa Mooney has been researching for years to find a way to break the family curse. Youngest daughter Diana (Jackie Skarvellis) returns home from medical school with a new husband, a former classmate named Gerald (Ian Innes), which Pa Mooney heartily disapproves of. Pa tells Diana that she is the last hope that the family has to overcome the ancient curse since she is the only member of the family who does not turn into a werewolf on the night of the full moon. Will Diana succeed? However, Diana is revealed to have other plans.

Parade (1974)

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Two children go behind the scenes of a small circus.

Salaginto’t salagubang (1972)

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Chloe in the Afternoon (1972)

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The last of Rohmer's Six Moral Tales. Frederic leads a bourgeois life; he is a partner in a small Paris office and is happily married to Helene, a teacher expecting her second child. In the afternoons, Frederic daydreams about other women, but has no intention of taking any action. One day, Chloe, who had been a mistress of an old friend, begins dropping by his office. They meet as friends, irregularly in the afternoons, till eventually Chloe decides to seduce Frederic, causing him a moral dilemma.

Santo Domingo (1972)

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Two Brothers in Trinity (1972)

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Charming, blithely amoral devil-may-care rogue Jesse Smith and peaceful, devout straight-arrow Mormon Lester O'Hara are estranged half brothers who are reunited after receiving a sizable inheritance from their deceased mother. The wildly contrasting mismatched duo get into all sorts of trouble while trying to claim said inheritance.

The Boldest Job in the West (1972)

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Hickey & Boggs (1972)

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Bill Cosby and Robert Culp ("I Spy") are united again as private eyes in this Walter Hill-scripted "film noir." Searching for a missing girl, they find themselves involved with vicious criminals and precipitating a string of deaths.

Crime Boss (1972)

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Organized crime; Don Vincenzo leads the pack and his faced with a huge struggle.

One Minute Before Death (1972)

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A woman finds herself possessed by the soul of another woman trapped inside a painting.

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