Watch Trailer This Stuff'll Kill Ya

Cast: Jeffrey Allen, Tim Holt, Gloria King, Ray Sager

Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis

Writer: Herschell Gordon Lewis

Genre: Drama, Crime

Released on: N/A

Duration: 99 min

IMDB Rating: 4.6/10 (172 Votes)

Plot: A redneck con artist (Jeffrey Allen) sets himself up as a preacher in a small Deep South metropolis to run his moonshine distillery and clashes with some of locals and a federal agent bent on shutting his operation down despite the fact that H. G. Lewis is thought for his gore movies, he also made some “southern” films and some “moonshine” films. This one is not gore, however it is certainly the other two. And it combined alcohol and religion in a very atypical manner… this cult seems more interested in drinking the “blood of Christ” than worshiping God that is surely no longer the worst movie Lewis ever made, but it’s miles a long way from the great. apparently he had get right of entry to to a spare room in a radio station in Oklahoma and filmed maximum of this picture in there. The writing is right, the performing is truly decent, however it nevertheless falls flat. out of doors of Lewis enthusiasts or folks that need to see Larry Drake in his debut role, i’m now not sure exactly what the appeal is probably.

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