Watch Trailer Moving Violation

Cast: Stephen McHattie, Kay Lenz, Eddie Albert, Lonny Chapman

Director: Charles S. Dubin

Writer: David Osterhout (screenplay), William W. Norton (screenplay), David Osterhout (story)

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama

Released on: 01 Jul 1976

Duration: 91 min

IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 (234 Votes)

Plot: Eddie Moore is a younger drifter passing via the small city of Rockfield when all at once he gets confused through corrupt sheriff Leroy Rankin and his Deputy, Tylor. Later he meets up with waitress Camille “Cam” Johnson and each thin dip in a swimming pool owned via H.L. Rockfield, the richest man in the area. Later Tylor suggests up at his mansion and begins criticizing his business practices, something that he doesn’t recognise is Sheriff Rankin is also there and hears each word he said, he then shoots Tylor and staggers away and manages to are trying to find refuge inside the returned of Cam’s van. Felling his reputation as Sheriff might be tarnished if all and sundry unearths out approximately it. He blames Eddie and Cam for the killing and places out an APB. Endess car chases and shootouts occur as they are trying to stay alive.

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