How do I watch videos here?
Click on one of the links that say “Full Movie” to be taken to a page where the movie is hosted. Once on the page, press play. We do not host movies, we simply post links to movies that we find.
What are the requirements to make the Player Loads
You need the Flash Player for most of the videos.Some videos require Divx player.Both of these programs are harmless and small, and you should probably download both, since they are used everywhere online, not just on this site.
I got that, but its still not working!
If you got both players and the video still isn’t playing for you, or you get some sort of an error, you should try another version of that movie by clicking another link. You are encouraged to report broken links. We will try to find alternates for you to watch.
The Movie does not Load!
You should wait some seconds till movie load and then press play button. If it still does not work or getting Error, try the following:

  • Clear your browser cache -> Refresh Web Page.
  • Upgrade your browser to the latest version.
  • Select another host/mirror link.

Note:- If you use adblocker, add www.huluwood.com to the white list else the player may not show up.

Slow Buffering or Video Starts and Stops!
  • Pause it, and come back to it in 2-10 minutes.
  • Note that we have no control on the speed as we do not host movies.
  • Switched off your internet router and restart after 10-20 seconds that may help you to increase internet speed.
Problems with movie loading while using Putlocker and Sockshare links in IPHONE, IPAD, IPOD?
If a Video with Putlocker or Sockshare links doesn’t load on iPad, iPhone or iPod, you don’t need to ask for VK links for this movie in comments!Because all the movies with Putlocker or Sockshare links can be played on iPad, iPhone or iPod!Almost all visitors that enter the www.huluwood.com via iPad, iPhone, iPod use the built-in Safari browser.

However, a significant drawback of Safari is its incompatibility with Flash-player, therefore, if you even have found and downloaded Flash-Player for iPad standard browser, it won’t work; instead you should install one of the third-party browsers that support Flash. For example, I recommend you to Download App Puffin Browser.

Below you find the list of other browsers that support Flash:

  • SkyFire
  • iSwifter
  • Cloud Browse
  • Photon
Another question, that is often asked: How to watch movies on Putlocker and Sockshare for free?
You should follow these steps:

  1. click on “Close Ad and Watch as Free User”,
  2. click on “Start Video Now”.
How to watch 3D Movies?
First time on internet we are bringing you 3D movies online streaming. Now you can watch 3D movies on your normal LCD screens. Anaglyph 3D is the easiest and cheapest way to experience a 3D movie at home.To watch these free 3D movies online you need to buy anaglyph 3D or red/blue glasses. These glasses are cheap and you can make it at home as well.To experience the best possible 3D quality, be sure to have the correct color settings from your monitor/screen. Red should be red and blue should be blue. If these colors are off, then the red/blue lens filters will not pick up the colors right shown on your screen/monitor and could diminish or inhibit the 3D quality. So be sure to play the SCREEN TEST first and adjust screen/ monitor colors accordingly.Also, it is recommended to watch anaglyph 3D movies in a dark room, preferably at night. The red/blue glasses’ lens/filters need to be able to pick up the red/blue from your screen. Any white light or sun light in the room will diminish the 3D effect.

Note: 3D Anaglyph movies are a low cost format to enjoy 3D, it has its cons of which the major thing is “ghosting” which can’t be avoided 100%. Use good quality glasses for minimum ghosting.

I have another question
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